Working at MathWorks

I can’t believe I’ve been working at MathWorks for over 2 years already. Time flies!

I recently helped out with a recruiting video and I’m in it for an exciting second!

Here is a little glimpse into life at MathWorks :)

MathWorks really is a great place to work. If you are interested, check out the open positions.

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From Concept to Implementation – CORE Handyman Services Website

I finished the design and implementation of the CORE Handyman Services site. The logo was provided by the clients and I worked with them to cater the website design to match their vision. I also built it within their purchased content management system tool.

My role Visual Design, Web Developer
Problem Needed a clean and professional visual design and required implementation in a content management system for ease of maintenance
Skills Conceptual development, visual design (Photoshop), front-end development (HTML, CSS, jQuery), CMS (Website Tonight)
Solution I created mockups of the design to establish consensus with clients before moving forward with implementation of the design in the content management system.

Core Handyman Services

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MIT CIS Facebook Cover Photo

I created my first Facebook cover photo for MIT Center for International Studies!

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I call it, Old Makeup Art

Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a bag of old makeup that have lovely pigments, but I  just did not have the chance to use up.  I couldn’t bear to throw them out.  Some were close to full tubes of liquid eyeshadow and lip gloss, so I thought…why not use them to make art?  I started out with a brown vertical line and then it evolved into this:

I like how it turned out overall.  The silhouettes do look a little eerie, but I think it goes well with the scenery.

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I’m lovin’ Instagram

I see why people are raving about Instagram.  The effects are so fun to apply and the app is so easy to use.  Here are a couple of favorites I took :)




Check more of my Instagram photos

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Here fishy fish!

Meet Mario.  He’s a parrot cichlid in our freshwater fish tank.  He always has a smile on his face.

This picture was taken, you guessed it, with the iPhone 4 and is untouched!

With the My Sketch app, you can turn this image into a black and white sketch:

Impressive app and it’s free!  There are a ton of other sketch styles available as well.

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Happy 60th Birthday to MIT Center for International Studies!

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to make a logo to celebrate MIT Center for International Studies’ 60th year of existence!  I love working with logo designs.  I don’t get to do it very often and find designing a logo to be a fun challenge!  I have a lot of respect for logo designers and understand that it’s very difficult to create something simplistic, yet meaningful and communicates the message clearly.

Here’s what I came up with!

CIS sponsors many events with distinguished speakers throughout the year and highlights the latest international studies news at MIT and around the world. Check ‘em out!

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Friday Sunset

It’s amazing how scary mother nature is at times and then how beautiful it also can be. 
My thoughts are with the people in Japan.

Taken with the iPhone 4 and is untouched.

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Would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I told you I took this photo on the iPhone 4?  The image quality amazes me! I love my sony alpha 700 and my sony dsc-tx7…but I must admit I use them much less, because of the photo quality on the iPhone and it’s what I always have with me. I’ve recently surpassed 1,000 photos!  Most of them are of Coco, my rabbit :)

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Coco, my almost 1 year old bunny!

I can’t believe how fast time flies.  My bunny, Coco is almost 1 year old!  In celebration of her cuteness, I made an illustration of her when she’s happy:

She is actually rarely like this.  She’s a rather moody bunny haha.  She often stomps and digs her litter box seemingly out of frustration in search of gold, but I still love her for who she is!

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